Office Moves and Upgrades

Step into your new, upgraded office, and simply plug and play.

We all know the disruptions and inconveniences that come with relocating. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined office relocation solution that considers internet connectivity and the best way for remote workers to remain connected to the main office.

Our tailormade relocation services will have you up and running at your shiny new office in no time. Our experienced IT staff, who have expertise in both cabling and logistics, are ready to help make your move to a new office a hassle-free one.

Harness Group’s Office Moves and Upgrades include:

  • Relocation – of your entire network, servers, workstations, and printers
  • Technical Services Coordination – including internet, web site, email and phone service
  • Workplace Cabling - whether in a new location or your existing building
  • Cabling Diagrams - setup your new infrastructure on a reliable foundation

Take the stress out of office moves.